Ecology Unit



With an ever increasing environmental awareness and the common global goal to reduce emissions and pollution’s, SSS-India has a responsibility of contributing through the filtration of cooking fumes arising from commercial kitchen applications. In order to effectively filter all the grease, gaseous and other particles, proper filtration of the extracted fumes from these commercial cooking appliances is required. SSS-India Ecology Unit is meant as a second stage filtration system, when a proper kitchen hood suitable for the desired appliance comes in first.

SSS-India Ecology Unit can be located on for in- stance rooftops, inside parking garages or above false ceilings. It shall be custom made according to the situation at hand. The situation will be determined on variables such as; type of cooking (regular, charcoal grills, spicy food etc), kitchen hoods (existing or to be installed), location of the Ecology Unit, ducting etc.

The required air capacity of the Ecology Unit is to be based on the kitchen equipment that is, or has to be, installed in the specific connected kitchen area. The exhaust duct-work of multiple kitchens can be connected to a single Ecology Unit.

SSS-India Ecology Unit will be customized according to the desired situation or cooking appliance. Several optional filtration stages and components may be added, based on the requested specifications. Examples are; an automatic wash function for the Electrostatic precipitator, double stage Electrostatic precipitators, HEPA absolute filters, or a fire suppression system.


Tailor made filtration unit for extracted kitchen fumes from commercial cooking appliances

Filtration principles

Correct filtration of exhausted cooking fumes is based on both the particle size and the velocity of the fumes through the various filtration stages. Both of these variables are required to establish an efficien- cy of a filter. A Vianen Ecology Unit is custom engineered to the corresponding situation.
Correct air filtration depends on the size of the particles in the air stream. Particle size in kitchen exhaust fumes typically vary from 0.01 micron to 10 micron (1 micron (μm) = 0.001 mm). The offered Vianen Ecology Unit will consist of several filter stages in order to filter the kitchen exhaust fumes.

System operation

A prefilter will filter out the most coarse particles. After the prefilter comes the bagfilter. This is a filter with a fine medium of glass fibre. Varying in filter efficiency from F7 to F9. The third stage consists of
an Electrostatic Precipitator. Through the use of ionizing blades, even finer particles receive an electro- static load, which are then collected on an opposite charged collector plate. The fourth filtration stage consists of the activated carbon filter. Through activated carbon the fine gaseous particles are filtered which contain the cooking odours. The use of activated carbon is an absolute must when deodorization is required.
The filtration of the air stream operates within a frame constructed from extruded aluminium profiles and double walled and insulated side panels. The panels are removable for inspection and mainte- nance purposes. In addition, a high performance and high efficiency centrifugal fan is used to pull the air through the filters.