Proper ventilation of the workplace removes unpleasant smells, excessive heat, smoke, fumes, moisture, and dust build-up preventing stagnation of the air.
Jet Stream canopies provide an efficient solution for the adequate ventilation for your kitchen. The Jet Stream features a double skin design which allows air to be delivered through slots arranged along the inner front face and if required inner sides of the canopy to effectively and efficiently, contain the thermal plume and direct it towards the grease filters.


. Provides a balanced climate
. Reduces spillage of exhaust fumes into the kitchen

. Canopies are custom designed and fabricated

. Provides a high standard of hygiene
. Welded stainless steel construction
. Incorporates adjustable spot coolers for comfort

. Energy saving LED lights



Suitable for all types of cooking equipment whether wall mounted or in an island arrangement. The canopy easily interfaces with the kitchen ceiling.


SSS designs and produces custom canopies according to the specific requirements of the client.
The canopies are fabricated from type 304 stainless steel 1.0 – 1.2mm thick. All visible surfaces are ultra- fine grain polished (320 grit) and polythene protected. The canopies are cut, punched and folded and factory assembled by seam welds and non-visible mechanical fixings.
Canopies can be produced in seamless sections up to 6 meters in length. Joints are provided with internal cover-plates so that no joints or mechanical fixings are visible.
All metal edges are rolled smooth and are free from sharp edges and projections.
The canopy lower edge is formed into a condensation channel with inclined internal elevation to simplify cleaning
and the inner edges are crush folded for safety purposes. The canopies are equipped with FECON® grease extraction filters.
The filters are designed to allow the grease to run off the filters into an integral grease collecting channel and then
into a grease drain. The canopies have a constant exhaust pressure drop of 100 Pa and a pressure drop of 90Pa supply.
All SSS canopies are available with several options to further increase their efficiency and improve the air-quality.

• UV-C filtration system
• MUAP – Make-up Supply Air
• Automatic Water Wash (with optional Misty system)
• Fire Suppression System
• Vetec – Ventilation on Demand System
• Maestro – Kitchen Management System
• Victoria – Intelligent Monitoring System