The Water Wash system uses internal bulkheads to filter the grease from the extracted air. In this hood, the SSS Fecon Filters are not used.


The automatic grease removal system positively removes grease from the kitchen’s wastewater with the addition of a Grease Shield food filtration system for maximum discharge protection.
The double disposal system provides exceptionally high drainage protection by extracting and disposing of the food-resistant substances (a common source of blockages) and then the fat, oil and grease, reducing the oil content in the drain effluent to below 100 parts per million.
In addition to its high collection capacity, the unit is also a self-maintaining automatic separator, which keeps the unit clean and odour-free.
The SSS Water Was Misty system can be used in any SSS hood and is suitable for use with all types of cooking equipment. Especially if there is a lot of cooking and a lot of fat is produced during cooking. The Misty system is ideal for placement above charcoal equipment such as Barbecues.
The system gives a constantly fine water mist from the nozzles during cooking.
With this highly efficient filtration method, the fat changes from a gaseous state to condensed fat particles due to the cold water mist.
The contaminated water with the condensed fat particles flows through special channels to the drain.
The system does not use the SSS FECON filters. Instead, the air passes through a series of horizontal stainless steel bulkheads positioned in such a way that they increase the air velocity locally and greatly deflect its flow.
As a result, the fat is extracted from the outgoing airflow and accumulates on the surface of the bulkheads.
The extractor plenum of the hood contains a series of water sprayers to rinse the surfaces of the bulkheads.
Wash cycle, frequency and wash duration are controlled via a control panel. Maintenance and service are minimal. The system is fully automated and requires no action from the kitchen staff.


. Very hygienic due to powerful fat removal
. Helps prevent fires by extinguishing sparks


The bulkheads of the SSS Water Washing Hood are fully welded (1.0 – 1.2mm thick) and made of stainless steel type 304.
Along the entire length of the hood run grease collection channels.
Hinged access panels all over the length with gas-filled dampers and quick-closures allow easy inspection of the inside of the extraction plenum and the water pipes and nozzles.
The control panel of 800x800x250mm is made of stainless steel type 304 and is secured with a lock. The panel has a digital display for system monitoring and inside there is a tank with detergent.
The system requires supply of hot water (to be supplied by third parties) to a 3/4″ water connection. The minimum recommended temperature for the water supplied for the water washing system is 70°.


The grease-contaminated water from the extractor hood flows through a 2″ drain into a stainless steel 304 septic tank with internal bulkheads.
The water flows through the septic tank and is stripped of grease and other cooking particles.
A pump brings the cleaned water back to the extractor hood via a 3/4″ pipe and is reused in this way for the Water Misty system.
The septic tank is equipped with an easily accessible screw cover for cleaning and maintenance.
The 2″ drain with valve can be used to drain the water from the system during cleaning. The 3/4″ water connection with non-return valve is used to fill the septic tank with water and clean the internal part of the tank through the internal cleaning nozzles.

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