V-LEL luminaire


The SSS-India V-LED light fittings have been especially designed for use in Vianen canopies and ventilated ceiling systems within commercial kitchens. The modern smooth design of the V-LED makes it easy to clean and maintain and ensures a lighting level of 500 lux at working surface level.


Energy saving
Lifetime of 80.000 hrs
Integrated light system
Offers high level of hygiene Easily installed
Heat resistant up to 110C
CE approved


The SSS-India  V-LED light fixture
an integrated clear glass panel. On top of the V-LED panel is the LED driver located that is connected to the power supply with a connection box. This makes various electrical connections possible. The V-LED can be integrated in a SSS-India Canopy or ventilated ceiling with a special developed anodized aluminium fixing profile.

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