To maintain a kitchen at a negative pressure when extracting kitchen vapours via an extraction unit the air should be simultaneously supplemented. This can result in high energy costs.
Energy savings can be achieved by drawing untempered outside air directly into the extraction canopy. This air is then forced through the adjustable air slot creating a venturi effect which increases the velocity
of the air stream.
The utilization of this high velocity air stream greatly increases the exhaust efficiency. The Fecon filters are inserted in the canopy at an angle of 45°. The air passes through the semi-circular channels of the Fecon filters and is forced into two directions separating the heavier grease particles from the air stream by centrifugal force. The grease runs off into the grease collecting gutter and is collected in a removable tray.
This compensation of approximately 60% exhaust air is a proven energy saver as only 40% tempered air is wasted. The design provides a comfortable work environment as it allows for heat removal and the untempered air is always contained within the canopy and personnel are not subjected to overhead draught.
The ventilators are operated via control cabinets which are supplied with the system.


Energy savings up to 60% using un-tempered outside air
Even pressure drop over the filters
Comfortable working environment as the system allows for heat removal Un-tempered air contained in the canopy
Reduces draft in the kitchen


The GV canopy is suitable for all types of cooking equipment. The canopy is suitable for island and wall mounted cooking arrangements.


The canopy is fabricated from stainless steel, all joints are welded and exposed surfaces are made of double sided, satin finish stainless steel 304 (DIN 1.4301 grit 280).
The sheet thickness is 1.25mm and canopies can be fabricated seamless up to lengths of 6 meters.
All canopies are provided with a condense channel with crush folded sloping edges.
The internal vertical joints are fitted with cover strips and all edges are properly deburred. The supply air plenum is insulated with 25mm thermal insulation. The supply air slot is adjustable and fitted with special baffles to regulate the volume of the air flow.
The standard height of the canopy is 600mm and can invariably be adapted to meet customer requirements. Reinforced fixture points are provided for installation to walls and ceilings.

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