Control Unit

Maestro Kitchen Management System

Energy efficiency awareness has become a high priority In the hospitality Industry and operators and owners are confronted with the growing concern of the CO2 footprint.
The Improvements In today’s technology and the fast development of the Internet has made It possible for operators to login and view the operational status of any energy consuming system In a kitchen. By connecting kitchen equipment to a common data base, monitoring becomes simple for the operator to maintain and manage equipment.

Web interface
Mobile access

The SSS-India MAESTRO Identifies approaching maintenance Issues of equipment and can avoid unnecessary down time and costly repairs and save energy.
Vlanen has taken advantage of the fast development In technology which has revolutlonlzed our world and applied It to our management system for the commercial kitchen.
The SSS-India MAESTRO Is custom designed to suit your kitchens unique requirements.

he SSS-India MAESTRO offers both the chef and the technical service management complete control of the kitchens equipment via a high resolution touch panel. The MAESTRO monitors the ventllatlon functions of the UV system, the airflow capacity, the lighting, grease detection, and other elements In the system. It Is possible to connected equipment In many different applications, when communicated to the
operator It makes It simple to work with reliable up to-date Information saving valuable time and energy.
The Vlanen MAESTRO can be Integrated In the front of the Vian en canopy or at a central point In the kitchen where It Is most convenient.
For connection of other equipment to the MAESTRO an assessment of the kitchen equipment needs to performed to Identify the posslbllltles and costs.

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