Suitable for all types of cooking equipment whether wall mounted or in an island arrangement The canopy features a double skin design which allows air to be delivered through slots arranged along the inner front face and if required inner sides of the canopy to effectively and efficiently contain the thermal plume and direct it towards the grease filters. Supply air is also discharged through the perforated front face of the canopy to ensure the ventilation system of the kitchen is correctly balanced.


. Provides a balanced climate
. Reduces spillage of exhaust fumes into the kitchen area

. Provides high standards of hygiene

. Welded stainless steel construction
. Incorporates adjustable personal spot coolers
. Energy saving LED Lights



The canopy is fabricated in AISI 304 standard, or AISI 316L stainless steel. All visible surfaces are ultra- fine grain
polished (320 grit) and polythene protected. The canopy is cut, punched and folded into seamless section up to 6m in length and factory assembled by means of computer controlled seam welds and non-visible mechanical fixings. Joints are provided with internal cover-plates so that no joints or mechanical fixings are visible. All metal edges are rolled smooth and are free from sharp edges and projections.
The canopy lower edge is formed into a condensation channel with inclined internal elevation to simplify cleaning and the inner edges are crush folded for safety purposes.
The canopy is equipped with SSS FECON grease extraction baffle filters. The filters are designed to allow the grease to run off the filters into an integral grease collecting channel and then into easily removable grease trays.
The canopy has a constant exhaust pressure drop of 100 Pa and a Jet Stream supply air pressure drop of 40 Pa.



Jet Stream air is drawn by fan from the ceiling void or ducted to factory fitted spigots on the canopy roof.
The air passes into the insulated supply air plenum and passes out through a series of slots into the main canopy envelope. The air is delivered from these slots at a maximum velocity of m3/h per linear meter, which represents

less than 15% of the total extract airflow rate.
This ensures a positive capture and containment of the thermal plume generated by the cooking process.

A proportion of the supply airflow is also discharged through the vertical perforated front face of the canopy.
This ensures an even distribution of supply air over the full length of the canopy at low velocity without any draughts. Air is also available to be discharged through the spot coolers located on the underside of the front lip of the canopy for personal comfort of the staff.

To suit various styles of cooking and canopy installation the Jet Stream canopy can be offered with slots just along
the inner front face or extended down both sides of the canopy to enhance the capture and containment efficiency.

Optional: A single phase 230/240 V fan with filter may be mounted on the canopy roof to supply the required Jet Stream air.

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