The SSS-India SPANTILE Ventilated Ceiling is suitable for all types of medium and heavy duty cooking equipment and is a flexible low maintenance solution for kitchen ventilation.
The ceiling can be installed to cover the full area of a kitchen allowing flexibility in the layout of catering equipment and is easily adapted to serve the addition of further equipment.
The Spantile Ventilated Ceiling is an “all in one” solution which extracts and supplies air and allows the integration
of V-CLIX lights to provide the perfect kitchen environment.
Working from kitchen layout drawings SSS-India will produce a fully integrated ceiling package, coordinated to match the requirements of both extract and supply air to ensure the kitchen ventilation system is properly balanced and works perfectly.
The stainless steel filter cassettes mounted in the ceiling provide high grease extraction efficiency and are designed
to fit in any commercial dishwasher for cleaning.
The ceiling can be offered with an automatic wash down system which cleans the ceiling on a regular basis by flushing the grease from the integral drainage channels with hot water and detergent. A dedicated control cabinet activates the wash programme to ensure water is supplied at the correct pressure and temperature along with predetermined quantities of grease dispersing detergent to maintain the cleanliness of the ceiling.


Allows a flexible approach to the layout of catering equipment
Provides a high level of hygiene
Features unique automatic wash down system
Highly efficient grease extraction rate
Ensures ventilation of the kitchen area is properly balanced


The SSS-India SPANTILE VENTILATED CEILING system consists of three different cassette types all fabricated in type 304 stainless steel 1.0mm thick. All visible surfaces are ultra-fine grain polished (320 grit) and polythene protected during shipping and installation.
Cassettes are available in the following configurations:
– Double skinned concave active cassettes (with extract air passage) to
extract vapour and grease designed to handle 125 m3/h (0.035m3/s)
per cassette;
Single skinned concave passive cassettes (closed) are positioned in the ceiling where exhaust or supply air is not required;
– Single skinned concave supply cassettes (with supply air passage) designed to deliver 100 m3/h (0.027m3/s) per cassette;
– Each Cassette measures 500 x 500mm and features a lip and groove so that adjacent cassettes clip together to form a chain effect. This facilitates easy handling and removal of the cassettes for cleaning purposes.
– The cassettes are supported by a full length stainless steel bracket assembly which incorporates an anodized aluminium grease collection profile.



When the automatic water wash system is used hot water and detergent flushes away the grease which has collected in the drainage channels. This generally occurs on a nightly basis after cooking has finished and is a fully automatic process.
The plumbing associated with the water supply and the provision of drainage facilities to be supplied by others.
The water wash control cabinet supplied with each system is fabricated in type 304 stainless steel and measures
800 x 800 x 250mm deep and has a lockable door. A tank containing the low foaming grease dispersing detergent is housed within the control cabinet which also features an electronic display to monitor the system status. The control cabinet requires a hot water feed to supply water at a minimum temperature of 65°C.
It is possible to integrate a fully automatic fire suppression system into the SSS-India Spantile Ventilated Ceiling.


The SSS-India Spantile Ventilated Ceiling is custom made to suit each project and to ensure proper functionality and visual integrity.
VIANEN employ their own trained installation teams to carry out all the necessary installation work to the highest standards.
Please Note: SSS-India will provide all the relevant information relating to water supply and drainage requirements along with electrical connection details however the responsibility to supply such services will be done by others

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