The SSS-India Combined Ceiling with optional automatic wash down system was successfully introduced into the market by Vianen years ago and we are proud to have installed our ceiling systems into many projects. The range of applications are many and projects include hospitals, elderly homes, catering kitchens, schools, public buildings, shopping centres and also hotels.
The Combined Ceiling is an “all in one” solution which extracts and supplies air.
The system is suitable for heavy duty cooking where higher extraction volumes are required.

The design allows for the integration of light lanes to provide the perfect kitchen environment.
The ceiling is installed to cover the full area of a kitchen allowing flexibility in the layout of catering equipment and can easily be adapted to serve the addition of further equipment.

We have included, as options, in our system our latest technologies the Victoria Intelligent Monitoring System and the Vètec ventilation on demand system.

Related functions of the kitchen ventilation system can be monitored and controlled by this system.


.Flexible layout in catering equipment
. Addition of equipment is simple
. High level of hygiene
. Automatic wash-down system
. High grease extraction efficiency
. A wall-to-wall ceiling system


The SSS-India stainless steel combined ceiling solution is used to cover kitchens containing a mixture of both light and heavy-duty equipment. Where heavy cooking activity occurs, producing seriously contaminated air, a plenum is integrated into the Spantile ceiling. The FECON filters in the Plenum are capable of handling and filtering the high volume of exhaust air required for the heavy kitchen equipment.
The filtrated residue is collected in an integrated channel within the plenum and is washed down by the automatic washing system of the ceiling.
The SSS-India combined ceiling ensures optimal ventilation of the kitchen area regardless of the heavy-duty cooking equipment. In this system Vianen combines both aesthetics and technical know-how to obtain the best solution and low maintenance costs for the end user.


The SSS-India stainless steel supply grills are mounted in a galvanised insulated supply box with spigot and hanging points.
In this supply box a perforated air distribution plate evenly distributes the air over the supply grill.
This air is introduced into the kitchen at a low velocity ensuring a comfortable kitchen climate for the staff. The supply grill can be easily removed from the box for cleaning.


The following options are available to further increase the efficiency of the ceiling and improve the working environment within the kitchen.
• Automatic water-wash system
• SSS-India UV-C filtration system
• Jet stream air when possible
• Fully automatic built-in fire suppression system • VéTEC (Vianen efficiency technology)
• Victoria intelligent monitoring system

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